Why Access to Premium Freight Matters

There’s a key to bigger and better success for any truck driver, and that’s making more money by the mile. Drivers look for solutions to make this happen, whether it be finding shorter routes, stretching trips to arrive sooner or even signing up for fuel card programs. Whichever method you choose to maximize earnings, it’s important to remember that the jumpstart for every profitable trip – no matter where, when or how – begins with the freight.

That’s where premium freight can help you hit the ground running. Having access to nationwide freight from the world’s top companies sets you up for higher earnings per trip, with greater loads and stable freight.

Expedite is everything

When driving for a recognized logistics partner, you have the opportunity to transport goods for Fortune 500 companies that want their products to move quickly. In many cases, these top-tier customers seek expedited solutions and are willing to put up high-priority shipments that ultimately lead to premium rates. Why is this important for truck drivers? It’s direct access to high-value, priority freight! Working for a 3PL, like Ascent, can give you just that, in addition to providing rates which are consistently 30% higher than open (public) load boards.

Premium customers count on 3PLs for three reasons:

  • Finding the right fit for their freight
  • Moving freight safely
  • Getting freight at the right place, at the right time, for the right price

Companies also prefer to use 3PLs with technology, where they have visibility to their shipments as they pass each milestone of their journey and access to a variety of quotes where prospective carriers present timing, carrier evaluations and pricing.

The Ascent dispatch team works diligently with our proprietary freight bid board to give owner operators access to thousands of new shipments, quoting them on their behalf daily. This exclusive access gives Ascent drivers the flexibility to choose routes that work with their schedules, have 24x7x365 dispatch support to book loads instantly and get the best rates for their owner operator businesses. In addition, premium loads afford more pay, allowing drivers to run fewer miles and have more freedom. This, paired with deep fuel discounts and route tracking showing our ICs the best pricing along their route, sets us apart from the competition.

Why drivers are choosing Ascent

For over 40 years, Ascent has moved shipments worldwide for well-known companies in the industry. We have a significant reputation, having been selected by Inbound Logistics as a Top 100 3PL Provider for the seventh year in a row and voted one of Transport Topics’ 2024 Top 100 Logistics Companies.

Every day, leading businesses trust Ascent to move their freight. Our team of experts, combined with cutting-edge technology, gives you access to bigger and better opportunities in the driver’s seat. Our customers stay with us, meaning our drivers do the same.

Interested in driving for Ascent? Apply today at https://drive4ascent.com/

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