Expedite Shipping: Q&A for Long-Haul Truckers

In the world of long-haul trucking, making more money per mile is key for drivers to cover expenses like fuel, maintenance and time away from home, while also ensuring they earn a sustainable income to support themselves and their families. Therefore, truck drivers are usually on the lookout for ways to boost their earnings, such as finding shorter routes or using fuel card programs.

But what’s a way that drivers can maximize earnings without having to get extra savvy? The answer is: expedite shipping. Here, we’re answering common questions on the benefits and opportunities of moving premium, expedited freight for truckers.

Q1: What is premium freight moved in expedite shipping?

A: Premium freight refers to high-priority cargo that is time-sensitive and requires expedited delivery. Due to its need for on-demand service, premium freight is typically charged at a higher rate because it needs to be delivered as soon as possible. Examples of premium freight include urgent medical equipment, critical manufacturing components to avoid factory shutdowns or high-value electronics for a time-critical project.

Q2: How can expedite shipping lead to higher earnings?

A: Truckers who get access to premium freight have an advantage when it comes to maximizing their income. The need to move high-demand cargo leads to greater costs, translating to bigger paychecks per trip for truckers. By moving freight for companies that require expedited shipping services, truckers can tap into high-priority freight and enjoy higher pay for less miles.

Q3: Is there stable access to freight with expedite shipping?

A: Yes, expedited shipping can provide a steady stream of freight for truckers due to the consistent demand for urgent transportation services. Companies requiring expedited shipping often have time-sensitive cargo that needs to be delivered promptly and reliably. By establishing partnerships with these companies, truckers can ensure a continuous flow of high-priority shipments, thus creating a dependable source of income.

Q4: Why should truckers consider working with a 3PL for expedite shipping?

A: Some third-party logistics providers (3PLs), like Ascent, have built solid relationships with the nation’s top companies that have critical freight needs. By partnering with a 3PL, truckers can tap into these established networks and gain access to high-priority freight opportunities that they might not have otherwise. Additionally, 3PLs can provide access to advanced technology and analytics tools that optimize routes and increase efficiency, ultimately maximizing earnings potential. Working with a 3PL also offers truckers streamlined communication and administrative support, allowing them to focus on hitting the road and getting the job done.

Q5: How does Ascent approach expedite shipping for truckers?

A: Ascent’s dispatch team, supported by a time-critical, competitive freight bid board, gives owner operators exclusive access to thousands of premium shipments. This access allows truckers to choose routes that align with their schedules, secure the best rates for their businesses and benefit from 24/7/365 dispatch support. Premium loads not only offer more pay but also grant truckers the flexibility to run fewer miles and enjoy more freedom, enabling them to take control of their careers and grow their trucking businesses.

Q6: Why do truckers choose Ascent?

With over 40 years of experience, Ascent has been a trusted partner in moving shipments worldwide for renowned industries, including Fortune 500 companies, who trust us to deliver their critical freight on time and securely. Recognized as a Top 100 3PL Provider by Inbound Logistics for five consecutive years and listed among Transport Topics’ Top 100 Logistics Companies, Ascent’s reputation speaks for itself. The combination of a dedicated team of experts and innovative technology opens doors to bigger and better opportunities for truckers, making Ascent the preferred choice for those seeking success on the road.

Q7: How can truckers join Ascent and experience the advantages of expedite shipping?

A: If you’re a trucker looking to elevate your career and enjoy the benefits of expedited shipping, consider joining Ascent. We’re currently hiring tractor-trailer team owner operators and sprinter drivers (no van required). Apply today and experience the advantage of premium freight, higher earnings and a supportive team committed to your success. Drive with Ascent – where you can earn more money per mile!

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